Congratulations on a successful Walk for Water!


On April 22nd, 1200 members of the Aveda network+friends walked 6km in 13 cities nationwide for clean water!  To date, this Earth Month has raised more than $160,000 for WaterAid Canada - amazing! But we still have much more to do!

Remember, we have until May 15 to hit our fundraising goals!

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1:Face Watch Supporting Earth Month this April!

"1:Face is a brand that brings global change by unifying the people that help with the people that need it."

This Earth Month, 1:Face Watch Canada will donate 10% of all Water Watch style purchases to Aveda Earth Month in support of WaterAid Canada. 1:Face Watch is also offering a 10% discount to all Collega/Aveda employees! Buy your 1:Face Watch online now at to help end the world water crisis!

WATCH: Colinne and Sarah in Ethiopia with WaterAid Canada!

This February, Colinne and Sarah from the Aveda network had the chance to travel to Ethiopia with WaterAid Canada. WATCH their experience collecting and carrying water like the locals do.

Don't forget, you can have an experience similar to this! NEW this year, any Earth Month participant who raises $7,500+ will travel to MADAGASCAR with WaterAid Canada this fall on a Study Tour of Africa!

Water Warriors: RedBloom

What are some team/group fundraisers your salon hosts?  Do you have anything planned for this year that you would like to share?

We do some fun things internally like bake sales and dinner parties. We also offer $10 treatments for the month of April with 100% proceeds to the cause- of course a raffle basket with WaterDrops made from recycled magazines. One location (Downtown) is doing a cut-a-thon. This year we are also selling a coupon book that has over $200 in value for only $25- excited as this is something we've never done before.

How much did your salon raise last year?  What is your goal this year?

Last year we raised just under $15,000-- this year we are going for $18,000

What do you think are the best ways to fundraise as a group?

We love the treatments- they add up quickly and give the guest something awesome-- but the more fun things like the bake sale gets us excited and is more of a team thing.

How do you keep each other/your team motivated during Aveda Earth Month?

Huddles- high fives- posts on internal Facebook wall- celebrations- this year we did some crazy visuals: jars of dirty water at every station, paper cards that talk about the cause.

What is your Earth Month Best Practice?  Any tips you would like to share with other fundraisers.

Making sure leaders are jazzed about it! Having a champion in each salon

Why is Earth Month important to you and your salon/team?

It's just one of the ways in which we give back-- throughout the year we focus on local charities. For the month of April we love the connection with all the other Aveda salons across the country! Its such an awesome feeling-- plus for such a little effort we can make such a HUGE difference!



Water Warrior: Aveda Salons in Regina, SK!

1.      What are some team/group fundraisers your salon hosts?  Do you have anything planned for this year that you would like to share?

A group of 7 Aveda salons in the Regina area come together to host a CATWALK FOR WATER. The event is a hair and makeup runway gala. Each salon or team presents their own segment designing models head to toe in reused or repurposed material. Anything form plastic shopping bags to newspaper papermaches corsets to reclaimed rubber tires. We include a silent auction, band, DJ, appetizers and drinks. There are about 40 stylists/makeup artists/students, 45 models and over 20 volunteers that work on this event with the help of about 15 local sponsors. Although it is a non-competitive event, this year we will be adding a viewer’s choice where the 220 ticketed attendees can vote for which salon they feel represented the mission best

 2.      How much did your salon raise last year?  What is your goal this year?

Last year our team raised $16000, this year our goal is $20000 

 3.      What do you think are the best ways to fundraise as a group?

It really depends on the group, but overall finding an initiative that the group can connect to that draws on the teams natural talents and/or passions is essential. If time is limited, choose something simple like selling recycled magazine water drops at the cash wrap. If you have more time, maybe organize a Cut-a-Thon. Whatever you choose, set a goal, lay out clear expectations and deadlines.  And most importantly whatever the fundraising initiatives is be sure to nominate a leader or champion to ensure everyone is on the same page and you are on track to hitting your goal


 4.      How do you keep each other/your team motivated during Aveda Earth Month?

We meet bi-weekly from February until May to update on where each department is at. Our 5 committee members each have their own responsibilities and we present back at our meeting where we are at. It helps to keep us both connected and on track. We try to keep it fun, for example last night we "drink sampling" at a potential supporter of the event. It helps that we all like each other too :) 

5.      What is your Earth Month Best Practice?  Any tips you would like to share with other fundraisers.

Collaborate! Coming together as a group bring access to many connections with sponsors, it also fosters a networking environment amongst our region of AVEDA salons. The more people committed the more amazing ideas surface! When you have a team working together to put on an event, it distributes the workload, each person does there small bit to bigger project. Our committee has their own task lists keeping our efforts organized and efficient. Everyone can contribute to the level that they are comfortable with   

 6.      Why is Earth Month important to you and your salon/team?

We are all connected for different reasons, most of us are passionate about where the funds are going. Some are connected to support and Align with the AVEDA mission and some are just hungry to participate in an event that allows them to express their creative talent

Water Warrior: Morgan Roy!

What is your fundraising goal for Earth Month 2015?
My fundraising goal for 2015 is $10,000.  


What are you doing to get to this goal?
I'm offering haircuts to friends and family for a $75 donation or a blow dry for a $50 donation. I'm also helping my friend Darlene with her gala fundraiser, H2015Toronto. I'm trying to get others involved and excited, you never know how people are going to respond. One of my friends signed up all her employees to join the Walk!  

How do you stay motivated while fundraising during your Earth Month?
I stay motivated through others; you never know who's going to give, how they will support or who they will share with.  Plus it's kinda fun to watch the number grow.  $10,000 dollars is a big goal but I feel like I can do it.   


How has participating in Earth Month changed your prospective of the world?
I have two step children, and I feel that it's important that I'm a role model to them. With all the superficial Kim Kardashian's out there, I'd like to think it's better to do good then to just be feeling good.   

Why is Aveda Earth Month / WaterAid’s work important to you?
My participation in fundraising for WaterAid changed this year. This year I thought with everything that these people have to suffer and go through, the least I can do is try.  Everyone has a right to clean water, education, sanitation and healthcare – just like I have being a Canadian.  Maybe I'm an idealist dreamer but I think we are extremely blessed in this country and it’s up to us to share what we have.  


WaterAid named #1 water, sanitation and hygiene charity!


"WaterAid has been ranked the world’s best non-profit organisation working on water, sanitation and hygiene issues by Philanthropedia.
Philanthropedia, an independent research and rankings organisation measuring non-profit impact by sector specialists, surveyed 82 experts to identify the organisations making the highest impact in the water and sanitation sector.
Philanthropedia's experts (foundation professionals, researchers and faculty, non-profit senior staff, consultants, journalists and policy-makers) recommended 16 outstanding non-profits working in water, sanitation and hygiene, with WaterAid, Water for People and the International Red Cross ranked first, second and third respectively. Experts commented on the impact each non-profit has had, what the non-profit’s other organisational strengths are, and how each organisation could further improve.
Philanthropedia said:
“WaterAid remains the implementing NGO which has the deepest understanding of the challenges of water supply. It cooperates closely with governments and international organisations; it has an open eye for all aspects of rural water supply, from the technology to the policy implications to the political economy of water supply.
“It engages with political and implementing organisations at all levels. WaterAid continuously seeks to re-invent itself, deliver higher quality services and build the capacities of sector staff in countries. It is the only implementing NGO that considers all aspects of WASH services.”
Chris Wainwright, Head of Communications, WaterAid said:
“We are very proud to be recognised as the global leader in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector and the transformative effect our work has had in some of the world poorest communities.  We believe that everyone everywhere must have access to sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene services by 2030, as this is critical to eradicating extreme poverty.  We will be using over 30 years’ experience to champion the change we believe is necessary to make this a reality.”
Read more about the survey and view the top 16 ranked organisations working in water, sanitation and hygiene at Philanthropedia"
For press enquiries please contact: Hannah Wilkinson at WaterAid on / 0207 793 4943
WaterAid’s vision is of a world where everyone has access to safe water and sanitation. The international organisation works in 26 countries across Africa, Asia, Central America and the Pacific Region to transform lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in some of the world’s poorest communities. Since 1981, WaterAid has reached 21 million people with safe water and, since 2004, 18 million people with sanitation. For more information, visit, follow @wateraidUK on Twitter or visit us on Facebook at
• Around 1,400 children die every day from diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation.
• 748 million people in the world live without safe water. This is roughly one in ten of the world's population.
• 2.5 billion people live without sanitation; this is 39% of the world's population.
• For every £1 invested in water and sanitation, an average of £4 is returned in increased productivity.
• Just £15 can enable one person to access safe, clean water.